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Buckinghamshire 1883

Who lived where, and Who did what?

An absolute goldmine for the Family and Local Historian, this Genealogical CD has over 235 pages of information as to the County Council; the Hundreds, Unions and County Court Districts; the Churches, with the value of the Livings and the names of the Patrons and Incumbents; the chief Landowners, with details as to the Principal Seats in the County; the Hospitals and Charities, whether general or local; the Acreage, Soils and Crops; the Markets and Fairs; the means of Conveyance by Railway, etc.

Every parish in the county has been included in this Directory, which also continues in some measure to be a Gazetteer, giving as it does a topographical account of every Town, Parish, Village and Township, and descriptions of the principal buildings and objects of interest.

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